15 Handpicked Fresh and Useful jQuery Tutorials

jQuery has really simplified the work flow for web designers. Even someone with basic javascript understanding can use it. These tutorials are proof of that. In this post you will find 15 really useful jQuery tutorials that has been published in the previous month or so.

Hope the readers learns something new with these tutorials .

1. Beautiful Slide Out Navigation



This tutorials shows how to create a slide out menu that stays on the left of the webpage.  The navigation also follows as you scroll up and down, which makes this menu really eye candy.

2. Scrolling Background with Randomized Overlay

jQuery Sliding Background


We have seen some sliding background with jQuery before. However, what makes this method different is that you can have a transparent image overlay and have a background move across. Flashlike effect yet only with jQuery.

3. jQuery AJAX Tabs

jQuery Ajax Tabs


A neat, simple, fast jQuery tabs tutorial.

4. Building an Awesome Navigation Menu with jQuery

jQuery Sliding menu


This menu tutorial is in two parts and really an awesome menu tutorial. Check out the demo and you will find out. If you need a big menu but want to save space this tutorial is for you.

5. Making a jQuery Pagination System

jQuery Pagination


An easy to understand jQuery Pagination tutorial.

6. Fancy Quotes With jQuery, AJAX & CSS

Fancy Quotes

If you are thinking why would anyone one want to do this, here is an example: if you are running a music website, need people to vote for albums or lets say a wallpaper website, you can use the technique for this tutorial.

7. Cool “Back to Top ” Link Using jQuery

Back to Top jQuery


Make getting back to top of the page fun and cool with this tutorial.

8. Show and Hide Div Using  jQuery

Show Hid jQuery


A nice jQuery method that use slideDown and slideUp to show and hide content.

9. Add a Magnifying Glass Lightbox Enabled Images

Jquery Lightbox Magnify Images


This tutorial is about usability. If have some images that are Lightbox enabled in you blog and want to let user inform about it, this tutorial show an useful method how to do it. The tutorial uses mouse hover event to accomplish it.

10. Simple, Quick, and Small jQuery HTML Form Validation Solution

jQuery HTML Form Validation


Checks if a user has left some empty field when filling out messages using jQuery.

11. Horizontal Panel Sliding With animate() function

Sliding Panel with jQuery

Have a sidebar or blogroll links or content that you want to hide and show on user click?  This tutorial shows how to do that with less than 10 lines of code.

12. Cross-Browser Blockquotes Using CSS and jQuery

Blockquotes Using jQuery

Blockqoutes are used when you want to mention a famous persons or web designers or their works on your post. This tutorial shows how easily you can have automated quotation marks using <blockquote> tag in your webpages.

13. Making a Cool Spotlight Effect with jQuery

jQuery Spolight


This is another cool tutorial form Tutsvalley that shows how to produces a real “spotlight” like effect on images.

14. Easy to Style jQuery Drop Down Menu Tutorial

jQuery Drop Down Menu

Simple drop down menu that can be easily customized.

15. Simple Tooltip for Huge Number of Elements

jQuery Tooltop


Need a tooltip for lots data in tables? Look no further, Karl Swedberg shows you how to do it.


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