15 Must-Have High Quality Free Flat Icon Sets

Flat icons and UI design getting a lot of attention these days. A collection of nice looking flat icon sets are a must have for adding a dash of visual excitement to your design. In this post, I have brought to you a collection of 15 free flat icon sets that can be used for any of you projects.

Iconic Icons

Yes, at first glance this looks like a simple icon set, but it’s an open source icon set and it’s flexible and easy to work with.

Simple Social Media Icons

Simple Icons
Beautiful looking, flat and free social media icons; something that everybody wants!

Heydings Icons

Heydings Flat Icons
This is a great collection of icons that not only looks good but is also immensely functional. It’s free so why not download it?


Maki flat Web icons
81 different symbols in 3 sizes, gives you a mammoth 243 icons to choose from. This pixel perfect icon set makes for an interesting choice.

Touch Gesture Icons

Touch gesture icons
An icon set that is a great addition to your tool box; its use will attract immediate user interest.

Free Glyphs

Free flat glyphs
Michael Zenaty made this 32px set and it looks pretty nice and sharp. It makes for a great addition to your collection of icon sets.

ikonic: 150 real iOS icons

ikonic Flat icons
This is a set of 150 pixel perfect icons designed specifically for the iOS and is available in the Apple recommended size of approx. 40x40px and the designer has ensured that all icons in this set are consistent with each other. What’s more, they have been created with an eye on Apple’s iOS HIG and Retina display.

WPZoom Developer Icon Set

flat wp zoom
This is a free set of 154 nicely designed icons that can be used in applications. Each icon from this set is available in 48×48px format (PNG, AI and PSD source)


Stateface Flat Icon
Want tiny state shapes as design elements? You can get your hands on icons of all 50 states and D.C , with this icon set. If you are thinking about Retina Displays, don’t worry, these look good on them too.

80 Mini Icons (PSD + Icon Font)

80 mini icons
80 mini icons in both PSD and Icon Font format, something that everybody wants in their icons collection.


The Entypo Pictogram Suite
They call it the pictogram suite but it also contains an icon set. Great icons for amazing websites!

JustVector Social Icons

Get 150 monochrome social icons that are simple to look at but can grab attention as well as the most striking icons. Fully editable and available in vector format, they are a must have.


Token Flat Free Icons
128 unique icons available in dark and light variants, they are simple and minimal and can generate the necessary impact, wherever placed on the site.

 Flat Web Icon Set

Flat web Icon set
25 icons of the most popular web services is something that you simply cannot do without. These icons come in two sizes: 32×32 pixels and 64×64 pixels (in .png format).

Weather Icon Set

Flat weather Icon Set

Making an iPhone app or web app for weather? Look no further. This set includes some minimal and useful flat weather icons

Hope you like the icon sets in this list. If there is flat icon you found useful share it with us in the comment.