15 Website for jQuery Enthusiast and Addicts

Are you someone who is constantly wowed by the cool effects and animation jQuery can do and always searching jQuery tutorials and plugins? Here is a post for you. jQuery is now the coolest, easiest and the best JavaScript libray on the web. The ability to “Write Less and Do More” got everyone’s attentions. Here we have complied 15 best websites that provides jQuery tutorials, tricks, plugins, news, development and more. If you follow up with this sites/blogs you will never miss anything about jQuery.

1. jQuery Style

JQuery Tutorials

jQuery Styles is  really useful site that gathers latest jQuery related post/tutorial, plugins and showcase of site built with jQuery.

2. jQuery for Designers

jQuery Tutorial

jQuery for Designers is truly jQuery heaven for the  web designers. They proves easy, simple jQuery tutorials with demo and code. This has from beginner to effects and enhancements tutorials.

3. Learning jQuery

Learning Jquery

Learning jQuery is one of the best sites to learn jQuery methods, tips and use. Learning jQuery provides beginner , intermediate and advanced level tutorials that are really well explained and exampled.

4. Tuts Deck

jQuery Tutorials

Tuts deck has section of  jQuery tutorials and post collection.

5. Build Internet

jQuery Tutorials

I first noticed Build Internet from Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery post. Ever since then I have been a fan. Zach and Sam Dunn has written some very cool jQuery articles.

6. 15 Days of jQuery

jQUery Tutorials

Run by Jack Born, 15 Days of jQuery has examples and tutorials to understand JQuery better such and jQuery Lightbox, Stylesheet, Switching and more.

7. jQuery How To

jQuery Tutorials

jQuery How To is blog for  handy jQuery tutorials such as  Getting HTML tag attribute of an element using jQuery ,

Custom jQuery selectors and more.

8. Sohtanaka

jQuery Tutorials

Web Designers Soh Tanaka has written some practical and useful jQuery tutorials that every web designer should check out . For example he has shown how to create page peel effect, thumbnail hover effect and more using jQuery.

9. Ajaxlines

jQuery Tutorial

Another website that has collections of jQuery tutorials.

10.Marc Grabanski

jQuery Tutorials

Marc Grabanski is web developer who has discussed some jQuery, jQuery UI related post that are helpful.

11. Yensdesign

jQuery Tutorials

Adrian Mato Gondelle has created some very cool jQuery tutorials such as creating an OS Web interface , improving search box with jQuery , tabbed menu using jQuery and many more useful jQuery related tutorials

12. Ajaxian

jQuery Tutorials

Ajaxian is another tutorial site that has extensive collections of jQuery tutorials, plugins and development article collections.

13. RoseIndia

jQuery Tutorials

RoseIndia has some original jQuery tutorials such as jQuery to Vertical Image Scroller, Image Magnifier, Fade Tab Effects . They also have demo for each tutorials, which makes the whole process easy to understand.


jQuery Tutorials

Queness is another website that uses jQuery cleverly and creates very user intuitive jQuery tutorials.  Just to mentions some of the best post: dock menu ,  sliding tab menu ,  Image slide show


jQuery Tutorial

Everyone knows Nettus. They have got the best web designers writing jQuery tutorials that are truly amazing . A must bookmark for web designers and developers.

Must Read jQuery Resources

1. jQuery ‘s Own Tutorial Collections

2.  jQuery for Absolute Beginners: The Complete Series by Theme Forest

3. 40+ Excellent jQuery Tutorials

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