20 Excellent Tutorial Sites for Web Designers

There is always something new in the web development such as jQuery . You get better in web languages by examples and following step by step. The best way to learn web development is by online tutorial sites. There are so many websites online that creates detailed tutorials, articles online. In this post you will find 20 best website where you can learn web programming and development languages that are divided into beginners and advanced category.


HTML CODE Tutorial


This site offers basic HTML and CSS tutorials with detailed examples.



EchoEcho has huge list of HTML ,CSS, JAVASCRIPT and many more web languages that can help you get started.



Tizag offers basic web tutorials, scripting language tutorials , database related tutorials and much more, which cover CSS, PHP, HTML and lots more



Don’t fooled by the name. HTML dog has beginner through intermidiate tutorials on XHTML, HTML and CSS

Web Monkey


Webmonkey is a free, public resource for web developers, designers and programmers contributed by users. Beside HTML, CSS, Javascript tutorials and scripts, it also has cheat sheets which can come in handy.



WebheadStart covers everything you need to know about HTML, XHTML and XML.

Web Development Tutorials


Beside offering CSS, Javascript, PHP tutorials Web Development Tutorials also has free web tools and CSS template.



This best thing about this site is that it offers their HTML and CSS tutorials in 10 langagues. It offer 15 HTML lessons and 16 CSS Lessons that will get you started on your web designing intrests.

How To Create


How To Create not only provides web programming langauges tutorials it also provides help about Making IE use PNG Alpha transparency and creating menu using only CSS

Web Develpor Notes


Web Developer Notes offers free web programming tutorials and tips on HTML, JavaScript, Flash, SQL, web graphics, web hosting, web promotion, web master resources, web development articles, internet basics and much more.


Learning Jquery


Learning Jquery is truly a heave for Jquery lovers. You can easily learn how to create animations using Jquery and much more advanced Jquery tricks.



Nettut is another great web site from Envato Network that provides some the best and advanced web programming and developing tutorials related to PHP, Jquery and Javascript



DevSnippets is collection of code snippets such as CSS, Javascripts.



One of the oldest (created in 1995) web development sites, WebReference.com is all about the Web and Webmastery. You will find tutorials about all the web programming language there is .

Themeforest Blog


Themeforest.net which sell premium wordpress themes has a blog that provides some of the most useful turials such Fun with the PHP GD Library, Vertical Centering With CSS, JQuery for Absolute Beginners.

Ajax With


Ajax with has huge collection of Ajax tutorials.



Inobscuro is run by Nela Dunato which has lots of useful tutorials such as Optimizing images for web , Coding a tableless (CSS) two-column layout and many more useful tutorials

Script & Style


Script & Style is another great website from Chris Coyier , which features tutorials, scripts, code snippets from all over the web that web designer can use.

Good Tutorials


Good Tutorials is notable website for web designer developer and all around. It has PHP, CSS, Javascript and a lot more tutorials of offer.

Good PHP Tutorials



Kawsar Ali is a web designer who also likes blogging. In his spare time he walks around with a Nikon D5100 hunting for good textures.

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