25 Interesting Glass Art and Sculpture Design

Once in a while  here at Desizn Tech we step out of our usual posting habit, and take a stab at different area of Design. This time it is Glass Art. It is also refereed as Studio Glass or Glass Sculpture, a form of art that uses glass to create beautiful sculptures, artworks, products and more.  In this post we are sharing 25 Glass Art and Sculpture Design that we found intriguing, creative and appealing.

If you appreciate “Art in Different forms” following artworks will certainly delight you. Enjoy.

1. Glass/Neon Sculpture

Neon Glass Sculpture

2. The Light Inside the Glass

Light Inside Glass

3. Batman
Batman Glass Sculpture

4. Sadness

Sadness, Glass Sculpture

5. Glass Microbiology

Glass Art

6. Glass Lung

Glass Lung Sculptures

7.  Hand Blown Glass Light Drip Drop Art Sculpture

Hand Blown Glass Light Drip Drop Art Sculpture

8. Glass Project

Glass Sculpture

9. Glass

Glass Sculpture

10. Murano Glass

Murano Glass Sculptures

11. Glass Nests

Glass Nests

12. Heart-Shaped Sculptures and “Love” Decor


13. Glass Sculpture


14. Surf Green Basket Set with Shadow Lip Wraps

Surf Green

15. Kelly O’Dell Sculpture

Glass Sculpture

16. Right of Passage

Right of Passage

17. Terpsichore

Glass Sculpture

18. Etruscan Myth

Glass Sculpture

19. Tribal Pattern

Trible Pattern Glass Sculpture

20. Glass Sculptures

Glass Sculpture

21. Noösphere

Glass Sculpture

22. NA & Pelican Nebulas Sculpture

Nebula Sculptures

23.  No.49- Laminated, Coldworked Vitrolite

Glass Sculpture

24. A Flick of the Wrist

A flick of the wrist

25.  Glass Art

Glass Art

If are looking more glass art, Glassartists.org is wonderful website where you can view a lot  if  glass art from different talented artists.


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