45 Excellent New Icon Packs For Desktop and Web

Here at Desizn Tech we always love cool looking icons. Since we have not done any icon related post in a while, we decided to gather some new icons and share it with you guys. You will find various types of icon sets such as social media icons, twitter icons, browsers icons, desktop icons for mac and windows and a lot more icons in this post.

We tried to find the most recent and really cool designed icons. So Enjoy!

1. Hologram Dock icons

Dock Icons

2. Sketchy Icons

Sketchy Icons

3. Social Media Bookmark Icon

Social Bookmarking Icons

4. Game Time Icon

Game Icon

5. Google Dock Icons

Google Dock Icon

6. Color Flow

Color Flow Icons

07. Kidaubis Nike Dunk Icon

Nike Dunk Icon

08. Psferox Design Icons

Designer Icon

09.CS4 Pixelation Drive Icons

Mac Icon

10. RGB Icon

RGB Icon

11. Biscotto RSS Icon

RSS Icon

12. Harmonia Pastelis Icon Set


13. Micr Os Icon Pack

Micro OS Icon Set

14. Transformers Icon Set


15. Adobe CS4 Replacement Icons

CS4 Icons

16. Slika+Perfilux Icon Set


17. RSS Icon 2.0

Free RSS Icon

18. Gift Box Icon

Giftbox Icon

19. Twitter Square Icons

Twitter Square Icon

20. Vargas Folders

Folder Icons

21. Social Media Stars Icon Set

Social Media Icons

22.  Freak Icons

Freak Icons

23. Crackberry Icons

Crackberry Icon

24. Gucci Bowtie App Icons

Bowtie App Icon

25. Coquette Part 7 Icons


26. Phoenix Gloss Browser Icons

Gloss Browser Icon

27. Twitter Skecth Icons

Twitter Sketch Icons

28. Gmail Notify Replacement

Gmail Icon

29. Designers Icon

Designers Icon

30. Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

31. Origami Icons

Origamin Icons

32.Vintage Apple II & Mac Classic

Vintage Mac Icons

33. Newspaper Icon

Newspaper Icon

34. Jeans Social Icons

Jeans Social Icons

35. iSphera Iconset

iSphera Mac Icon Set

36. Fungiiiiiii Iconset

Cool Iconset

37. Pixel Twitter Icons/Badges

Pixel Twitter Icons/Badges

38. iPod Collection Icon

iPod Icon

39. Clear Bubble Social Icons

Clear Bubble Icons

40. Office Leopard Icons

Office Leopard Icons

41. RSS Icon Pack

RSS Icon

42. The Simpsons Icon Pack

Simpson Icons

43. Blue Light Icons

Blue Light Icons

44. Email Icons

Email Icon

45. Social Icons Pack Plus

Social Icons Packs


Kawsar Ali is a web designer who also likes blogging. In his spare time he walks around with a Nikon D5100 hunting for good textures.

  • http://asnowflake.blogspot.com/ MrsAmyS

    These icons are wonderful, thank you so much!!

  • sunil

    Here you go check this site out guys one of my friend referred it. I checked it really amazing set of icons u can download from here http://www.icongab.com go and grab it guys………….

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