50+ textures for Your Design Appetite and lot more Resources

Web designer’s love textures. They use texture in their websites, banner, graphic design and more. Recently bittbox’s textures was used by CNN too. I love a good textured background webpage. It reflects what the website is about. Enjoy these texture’s. Most of these texture are free for personal use. I suggest you include a link if you decide to use any of them. People work hard on their textures. It is nice to get credited and maybe you should leave a comment.

Free Grunge Textures

Free Textures

Free Textures

Free Grunge Textures

Free pavement Textures

Free Grunge Textures

Free Textures

Free Grunge Textures

Free wall Textures

Free Texture

Free Textures

Free Wood Textures

Free Wood Texture

Bokeh Paper Texture

Free Texture

Star Texture

Free Texture

Free Wood Texture

Free Texture

Free Wood Texture

Free Grunge Wall Textures

Free Texture

Free Textures

Free Wall Texture

Abstract Texture

Water Texture

Absctract Textures

Nature Snow Textures

Water Textures

Abstract Textures

Free Grunge Textures

Water Texture

Abstract Textures

Fabric Textures

Water Snow Textures

Bokeh Texture

10 Awesome Texture Pack From DeviantART

  1. Vintage Texture Pack 1-6
  2. 90- Texture Pack
  3. Paper Bag Texture 1-6
  4. Boekh Texture Pack
  5. Fabrics Texture Pack
  6. 10 old Paper Texture Pack
  7. Wood Texture Pack
  8. Star Texture Pack
  9. Various Texture Containing road, dirt, grass and more
  10. Flower Texture Pack


Kawsar Ali is a web designer who also likes blogging. In his spare time he walks around with a Nikon D5100 hunting for good textures.

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