Creative and Funny Illustrations By Chris Gerringeis

Chris Gerringeis is an illustrator, designer whose work features pop culture, movies, superhero comics and more. His art has a distinctive style and unique touch. Chris is from Baltimore, Maryland and created a buzz on the internet with his “I know that Feeling Bro” series. This series connects the illustration of two popular characters who share the same misfortune such as having imaginary friends or having a dark secret. It is very clever, funny and witty series that caught the attention of the geeks, movie lovers and pop culture enthusiasts.

Chris also does branding, logo and website design. You can see his extensive works and portfolio on Paperbeatsscissors. Below we are showcasing some of his amazing illustration.

Worthless Without the Suit – Earthworm Jim &Iron Man

Dad Was a Demon – Dante & Hellboy

Super Secrets – Dexter & Dexter

Last of the Race – Ang & Superman

Orphaned Heroes – Harry & Bruce

Overbearing Fairies – Peter & Link

Friend Sent You Back in Time

Blue Yourself- Tobias and Doctor Manhattan

Little Brother Blues – Alphonse & Luigi.

Miscellaneous Works

Battlin' Dwight


Jon Snow - Games of Thrones


We have a hulk

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