Desktop Blogging (WordPress) Tip

This is just a quick tip for anyone who wants to use Desktop Blogging tool. If you do not know which one get go here . Hongkiat did a long article on which client is easy to use and which are for free. To use any of the Desktop blogging client such as Flock or Marsedit you must “Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.” This can be found in WordPress >Setting> Writings.
Picture 1.png
It should be the option after Atom Publishing.
If you are interested in knowing what is this in detail here is link for it. But basically this allows Third Party Application to interact your self-hosted blog and publish your writings.

Just to clarify some benefits of using Desktop Blogging Clients:

1. There are more options.
2. Sometime browser crashes, you might loose your whole article (Trust me It happens).
3. They are running locally so you do not have depend on the internet to publish or save something as draft. Still enjoy the same HTML, PHP all kinds of coding.

I like using Flock (windows/mac) and MarsEdit (mac). Saves me a lot of time.


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