Do you Know “What is Design?” 41 Answers to One Simple Question

post3 What is design? Is it something you sketch? Is it a bright idea in your mind? Is it something that makes you ponder? There are endless questions and answers about what design is.  It is hard to just give one precise answer because design lives in so many areas of our lives. In this post, we showcase 41  must see images from creative designers. These images try to give you a glimpse about what design is with simple words and illustrations. Maybe they will expand your horizon about design and give you better understanding.

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1. Design is Persistent Trying


2. Design is Just Making Things Line up


3. Design is a Rare Language


4. Design is what you do when you don’t yet know what you are doing?


5. Design is a Nice Way to Say Hello


6. Design is Plagiarism or Revolution


7. Design is Something a Programmer Should not do. (?)


8. Design is Crap Until it Turns to Gold


9. Design is knowing that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci


10. Design is a Journey of Self-Discovery


11. Design is Design


12. Design is Evil

Design is Evil

13. Design is Cmd +N


14.  Design is Inspiration


15.  Design is Staying up Late

Design is staying up late

16. Design is Just Owning a Clip Art* Gallery

Design is Just owning a clip art gallery

17. Design is Making a Mess and having fun doing it


18. Design is being Able to Transalte and Form

Design is being able to transalte and form

19. Design is Better Than Orgasms ( Is it?)

Design is better than orgasms

20. Design is loving the ideas that you have to throw away

design is loving the ideas that you have to throw away

21. Design is Thinking Made Visual


22. Design is Love

Design is love

23. Design is the Most Ubiquitous of all the Arts


24.  Design is Putting Foucs Where is Matters

Design is Putting Foucs where it matters

25. Design is Using Helvetica

Design is using Helvetica

26. Design is Destiny in my Hands, Fate in Your Eyes.

Design is Destiny

27. Design is Colorful Xerox of Your Mind

Design is colourful xerox of your mind

28. Design is about Color and Shapes

Design is about color and shapes

29. Design is Old School

Design is old school

30.  Design is More than Just Free T-Shirts and Beer

Design is More than free coffee

31. Design is the True Work of the Art …

Design is the true work of ART

31. Design is all in the Way you Think

Design is all the way you think

32. Design is Just Layering and Masking

design is layering and masking

33. Design is Patience

Design is patience

34.  Design is Random Colors

Design is Random Colors

35. Design is Black and Fuckin’ Pink

Design is Fuckin Black and Pink

36. Design is Fun

Design is Fun

37. Design is Knowing When to Stop

Design is knowing when to stop

38. Design is Retro

Design is Retro

39. Design is Beautiful

Design is Beautiful

40. Design is a Trend

Design is a Trend

41. Design is Dead


Update: Could not help do Desizn Tech’s Own!



Kawsar Ali is a web designer who also likes blogging. In his spare time he walks around with a Nikon D5100 hunting for good textures.

  • Sam

    sure design is dead we go what client tells you.

  • Richie

    This is excellent. This has made my weekend worth living for :P

    Great collection, Kawsar :D

  • s. belly

    Good Design is knowing that 99% of these “images” need to be kerned, tracked, or bundled in a post-called “student work.”

    If these “inspire” you – you should drop out of JuCo and start practicing the phrase “would you like fries with that?” or join the rest of the typographically-illiterate “designers” who think crowd-sourcing is a full-time job.

    These are weak. Design is what makes a concept come to life, not make a concept turn to shit.

  • gourav saxena

    hey i rarley do blog but dude now on u r book marked. grt blog

  • Brian


  • Ivan

    Design is different!

  • Kayla

    Great post, I loved it.
    “Design is staying up late.” – Exactly what I’m doing now. :P (Except for reading this post and getting sidetracked)

  • Noor Salah


    Thats is so fantastic!

  • Kawsar Ali

    @Andrew: I saw that post. That post focused on about graphic design. This post is about a Meme ” Design is”. But they do have similarities

  • Andrew

    woah.. the idea of this post taken from ????

  • tom twose

    Design… is the answer before your first thought.

  • orphicpixel

    sometimes i agree with this one “Design is Dead”

  • csoxa

    Design is Knowing When to Stop
    Design is Using Helvetica
    Design is Something a Programmer Should not do. (?) are the best!
    Gr8 post!im going to sleep now!thx

  • Monica Fuchshuber

    Very good!!

  • Kawsar Ali

    @Anthony Alexander: haha good one

  • Anthony Alexander

    Design is shallow. I eat, sleep, and breathe design.. lols.

  • pohying

    it is coooooooooool enough!!! =)

  • Sara R

    Design is clean lines and perfect placement.

  • Adam

    WOW! just amazing and really inspiring collection! Thank you.

  • Kawsar Ali

    @divinefusion: Thanks Andrea

  • Donald G Wooten II

    design is premeditated spontaniety

  • divinefusion

    love this, especially #15

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