Beautiful Collection of iOS7 Inspired User Interfaces

With the recent release of iOS7, I had to create a post about Dribbble shots of iOS7 designs. They are all magnificent pieces of inspiration – especially if you take a minute to analyze what works well within them and what could be better.

These twenty examples are pretty damn good looking; I do hope they inspire you to try to explore designing for iOS7 yourself if you haven’t already.

1. iOS 7 moves in


This shot is by far my favorite of iOS7 redesign, not only are the icons not a psychotic – sorry Apple – disaster but the overall vibe of the colours is friendly and professional. Although there are plenty of gradients in this shot, it still kind of looks like flat design. Overall it looks elegant.

2. Analytics


This design is so minimal, so simple yet there is a lot going on. The information architecture here is very well organized, there is little clutter and the overall design has plenty of breathing room. The white space in this shot is magnificent. Additionally the quality of the user interface is so well crafted, this is a serious inspiration piece.

3. Wallet One App


This app design is very cute; it plays off flat design very well. The font is just right in type, size and weight. On top of that, the metaphor of a wallet is clever. I understand that flat is said to be anti-skeumorphism but it really shouldn’t be and this example proves that you can have a metaphor in your design and have it look good.

4. Task Update


I enjoy this user interface because there is so much going on within it, yet it doesn’t feel like it. There are many colours – some may say too many – the whole interface is covered edge to edge with things, buttons, sections, and just simply information. But it is so well designed that it all works; and this is just brilliant.

5. Timezone App for iOS7


Both the current and the previous native Apple Clock apps are nothing spectacular; this shot and its design give the Clock app some flair. The navy blues are very dramatic in addition to the thin light text. The different location times gradually differ in colour which make for a good visual design and decent usability separation; they beat dividing lines any day.

6. Free iOS7 app PSD – Sightsy


The colours of this app are very cutesy but they are still a beautifully made up colour scheme. Overall, we can see four accent colours which is very hard to do as not all hues work well together; fortunately they work perfectly in this design. Not to mention the enormous amount of whitespace which helps these colours shine through.

7. Huzzah Profiles


My favorite part about iOS7 is the thin fonts. Like you see in this profile shot, the thin fonts are looking pretty damn good. I love big pictures so I especially appreciate the profile picture in this design; there is nothing more tedious that a small avatar on a user’s profile whether it’s your own or someone else.

8. Convert on iOS 7


Apple’s own Calculator app is one of the few which did not get the plain white treatment with the new iOS7 design; not that it actually needs much innovation but here is an interpretation of what it could be, starting with a blue colour scheme. I must say the orange and gray buttons are not that great, a simple coat of new paint can go a long way.

9. iOS7 Lock Screen


This is a beautiful concept for the new iOS7 lock screen. Having an analog clock instead of digital one would be a pretty cool option. However, I am more impressed and intrigued by the beautiful style of the clock, its thin lines match wonderfully with the new iOS7 style. The fact that it is vertically in the middle of the screen is an interesting design choice.

10. iOS 7 icons redesigned


Here we have another icon screen iOS7 redesign with a little flair where the icons are just popping up and out of the screen. What I enjoy the most in this design is the composition between the icons, they are kind of mindful of each other so that they all work well with one another – yes I know this is kind of foolish to want in reality but look how nice it looks!

11. Timeline iOS7


I find this shot to be quite interesting as it embraces the plain white motif that most native iOS apps have adopted with the new iOS7 design. But, it adds a little touch of blue to it, just enough to give it some personality.  What is now uncommon in iOS7 are rounded corners which I think work very well here.

12. Can not tell yet


The blurred background is incredible. The crisp, thin, white font looks so good against the blurred dark hues – it is marvelous. The see-through search bar on the top of this side navigation blends in just enough with the rest of the navigation but not enough for you to completely forget it is there; perfect.

13. Twitter UI (WIP)


This is one beautiful Twitter concept. I love the fact that the avatar, although typically small, and the description are all in one spot. I am not the biggest fan of the blur concept which was introduced in iOS7, but it is very well utilized in this design. The overall look and feel of this shot is so light, and bright and just overall splendid.

14. trip summary on map


Once again we have another flat interface. This shot in particular would be a good promotional graphic thanks to the split interface and iPhone. The route outline here is beautiful, its colours work great against the map on both the day and night sides. I’m most impressed by the clarity of the route on the map, as it is a crucial aspect of a map app which seems to be missed quiet often.

15. Sleep Cycle


The thing most iOS7 design are missing now are a dark colour scheme.  I will admit that the bottom navigation is very reminiscent of the old school native iOS app navigation just flatter, but it still looks pretty damn good. Actually, it looks much better than the old one. I’m also very much in love with the bold type, as if it was thin, it would have gotten lost in the dark interface.

16. 4kids


I love the colour scheme of this design; it keeps the app looks clean, clutter-free and therefore pleasant. It is hard sometimes to do double navigation on a small phone interface but, this design is executed very well; you can clearly see how these two differ in functionality and helpfulness to the user.

17. Spndr Dribbble


Talk about taking the blur to the next level. I do wish the text was a little bolder maybe so it was easier to see but overall this user interface gives a great impression. The orange works very well with the white and the blue background. The graph itself is simple – just like the rest of the design – and so pleasant to look at. Come to think of it this design is busy, there is a lot going on but it is not overwhelming at all.

18. Chatting


Once more a blue social interface and it looks beautiful. The vivid and light blue hues in fact give off a light feeling to the interface. It is not cluttered at all actually. The monochromatic background, behind the avatar, is actually a nice touch. It would be difficult to make it work if the picture was full colour. The design overall is very cohesive.

19. Weather App Live Shot


Surprisingly enough I haven’t seen too many weather iOS7 designs. But here we have one, and one that is sexy. The blurry background works so well against the icons on the whole screen. It was a splendid idea to blur the whole background instead of the different little sections – that would divide up the interface and make it appear very busy.

20. Whatsapp for iOS 7 [redesign]


What I enjoy the most about this shot is that it doesn’t use the typical blue and white colour scheme you see in chat apps. When it comes to social networks blue is definitely the colour, but this green and yellow combo works very well. The navigation of contacts being tucked away to a slide out is by far my favorite aspect as conversations should be the main focus.