26 Minimalist Logo Branding Ideas and Concept Artwork

Branding design is a tough area in the field of digital graphics. It can take years of practice to build a solid branding for your company. Yet with enough time anybody can pick up these techniques and apply them to project work.

I have put together this collection of 26 inspiring logo ideas. This is a wonderful collection for designers who aspire towards simple minimalist branding concepts. More elegant & flashy logos tend to cause more of a distraction than anything else. But if you can find the proper balance of coordination and simplicity it is easy to create memorable brands which last lifetime and beyond.


Wonderstruck website design branding logo

Whale Branding

Blue vector website logo icon

Potted Cactus Ginger Ale

Dark logo potted cactus ginger ale drink

Farmhouse Creative

Farmhouse website layout logo creative studio

Wink Consulting

Wink Consulting logo vector design

Learn CSS Website Icon

website layout icon design vector

Numeric Type

numeric logo typography 25 designs

Sneaker Logo

red sneaker logo vector text

Startup Young Bank

startup company young bank website logo design

Polletto & Pancakes

Polletto logo vector artwork chicken


UpThemes WordPress open source freebies logo web design

Quipio Logo

Quipio website design layout iPhone device logo


dark red vector logo design PinLeague

Matchtown Studio

digital matches MatchTown Studio creative website logo

Polaroid Cat

polaroid cat vector logo illustration design

Company Logo & iOS App Icon

business logo branding design icon

Box Collective

orange textured Box Collective logo design

Back to Organic

back to nature organic food logo

Mr Tech

Mr Tech logo branding website tree design


continu branding logo website design

Storybook Kitchen

Storybook Kitchen red vector logo chef hat

Porchside Coffee & Tea

Porchside coffee tea website layout logo company design

Deboo Logo

custom typography orange logo branding

Design by Pie

creative studio agency website logo Design by Pie


Mobile startup Mapkin logo icon branding

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies logo branding design icon