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Beautiful Sites Built on WordPress

These days there is a lot of choice of how to build your website and if you use a CMS or not, however, WordPress currently boasts a 21.9% share of all websites, and 60.4% of the content management system market… and that is nothing to be sneezed at! So as you would expect, and as most of us are aware, WordPress is extremely flexible and customizable for any kind of site, and is no longer restricted to blogging sites only.

The What, Why and How of User Personas

One of the few proven ways to be successful in any business is to understand your customer’s needs and deliver quality products or services that satisfy those needs in the best way possible. Yes, it does sound too bookish but the truth is knowing your end user is the kernel of a customer-oriented business model. Though it seems to be a generally acknowledged and elementary principle but oftentimes entrepreneurs get so drawn away by their business idea and the profits it is going to generate that eventually they end up forgetting about the end user and selling what is already built instead of trying to create something customers really need.

Scrolling Animations: Examples, Tutorials and jQuery Plugins

In recent years we have seen a lot of scrolling effects and a lot of animation effects taking root in website design. More recently we are seeing the two put together, giving scrolling animations: animations that are triggered by the user scrolling down, up or across the page (or a mixture of all directions).

30 Amazing Examples of Outdoor Advertising

As all types of media advertising becomes more and more creative, we are lucky enough to be living in times when advertisements can amaze us with their detail and creativity. Outdoor or ambient advertising is included in this, and agencies now go the extra mile to make us do a double-take when we see some of their creations.

Stunning Examples of Flat Mobile Interface Design

These days it seems, instead of waiting to be commissioned, designers produce interfaces in the hope they will be purchased, and mobile interface design is big business. The flat trend made a lot of headway in 2013 and is predicted to continue throughout 2014, so today we are showcasing a collection of stunning examples of flat mobile interface design. Some of these designs are currently concepts and some are apps in use.

Key Elements to Help You Make Your Landing Page Successful

The purpose of all landing pages is to bring in as many visitors as possible and convert as many of those as well. There are many different things that can affect the success of a landing page; however, some basic things have been proven to help landing pages in general. This is where this post comes in – I’m here to tell you about these basic general things that will help your landing page shine; I promise this is not rocket science.

40+ Excellent Examples of Flat Website Design

Flat design is the total opposite of skeuomorphic design – which may tell you absolutely nothing about either style!

Skeuomorphic design aims at realism in images, using gradients, realistic shadows, texture overlays, etc. Flat design, on the other hand, is minimal in nature, uses no gradients and employs pixel-perfect shadows with no regard to realism.