Intro to JavaScript Framework uilang

uilang is a JavaScript framework created by Benjamin De Cock in order to help designers prototype quickly. uilang has a simple, natural language like syntax that is significantly easier to get the hang of for a designer with no coding experience than JavaScript or jQuery. The framework is effective and easy to use.

What Is CoffeeScript and Is It for You?

I have noticed a lot of buzz among new developers who are interested in CoffeeScript. So, I set out to create this post where I will briefly introduce CoffeeScript and tell you a little bit about it, what its best assets are and who it is best for. I hope that this post will give you a general idea about this language and let you decide if this is perhaps something for you – or not for that matter.

Introducing Twitter’s Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is an incredibly popular front-end framework that’s used by many designers, developers and companies. It’s a very well developed and maintained open source framework that is easy to use, responsive, cross browser compatible (they claim that it’s compatible up to IE7!). On top of that, there’s not much you can’t accomplish with Bootstrap.

Introducing LESS

LESS is a CSS pre-processor, which means that it composes styles in a dynamic fashion. By allowing you to create a library of variables, functions and other effects, LESS makes CSS writing more efficient by making it easier and faster.

The problem with CSS is that it is very hard to maintain with countless lines of code and numerous files things are bound to get messy quickly, especially when you have to tweak one little change. This is where LESS comes to the rescue.

A Brief Introduction to HTML5

HTML5 is the fifth revision of the well-known and loved markup language. There are many new features and abilities that HTML5 has to offer and this post will get you familiarized with them. I will not go into in-depth detail about every aspect of HTML5, but I will get you familiarized with its key aspects; after all, this is only an introduction to HTML5.