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Sketches and Drawings in Website Design

A couple of years ago it was quite commonplace to see hand-drawn sketches and drawings in website design, they fitted in nicely with the grungy trend that lasted a little while.

Nowadays it is much rarer to come across such designs, and that is why it is a refreshing change to see them. For the purposes of this round-up, we have included websites that incorporate sketches and drawings that look hand-drawn – of course, they may be computer generated, but they at least mimic a more free-hand effort.

Inspirational Web Design Using Transparent Buttons

With the advent of flat design, designers are having to look for ways to make their designs appealing without losing functionality. An emerging trend is transparent call-to-action buttons, also called ghost buttons or hollow/empty buttons. Somehow these types of buttons are very noticeable even if they blend with the background.

Creating Projects with Open Source CMS Web Development

Working as a developer means you have to learn to read source code and project your own needs into each website. You have to learn which projects require a set of codes, and which projects can be created entirely from scratch. This process is learned through enough repetition and skill within the industry.

Reasons for Using a Video Background in Your Design

I would like to dedicate this post to explaining why you might want to consider using a video background in your next site design project. There are a few different reasons for including a video background, including to have a cool design or to show off your newly launched product.

I will show you some currently awesome examples of websites that do background videos very well so that you have an idea of what it is you should strive for when including video backgrounds in your own websites.

Creative and Inspirational Website Headers

These days, headers on websites are rare – at least defined headers that take a small proportion of the landing page. Landing pages or front pages of recent web design often consist of a slideshow or carousel, with a tiny header that simply carries the company name, or no defined header at all. But there are still some sticklers for tradition, and we have scoured the internet to find the most creative headers in website design that are still around today.

Building A Social Following as a Web Designer

Working online provides a lucrative life schedule which many people have never experienced. Freelance web development, Internet marketing, and design jobs allow any industry professional to work from the comfort of their own home. But this also requires more dedication towards building a name for yourself and getting recognized by others in the field.

In this article I want to provide some tips for building an online social following. Being a web designer is tough and requires a lot of experience just to complete freelance jobs. But throw in the marketing side and you have a whole new set of issues. Hopefully these tips can alleviate the initial steps.

User Experience Techniques for Building a Great Startup

Building a solid user interface is not an easy task. When you start discussing UI design for the web vs mobile we are bringing in even more complexity. But ultimately there are some core user experience techniques which will work in almost any setup.

For this article I would like to look deeper into the startup territory. I want to point out a few trends in new Internet launches and startups which are taking the web by storm. These websites not only provide real services, but their design is impeccable and very easy to handle. When striving to push the envelope you want to break into the tech startup space. These are some of the most innovative and creative digital professionals you’ll find anywhere in the world!