The Best Graphic Design Books For Design and Content

Seeking inspiration is the foundation for every new project that comes our way. For any true creative it should also be in our blood. However, we often hit stumbling blocks and need that little boost to get us by. No, I am not talking about coffee (although it helps), but rather a good book that reminds us why we love design so much. But what design books are best for providing the reader with a healthy balance of both design AND content? Whether you’re a veteran of design, or interested in learning more, these books should provide you with just the fix you need. Perfect with a warm cup of joe!

Graphic Design School

Beautifully illustrated throughout and packed with practical guidance, Graphic Design School by David Dabner will certainly not disappoint. Divided into three clear sections; “The Language of Design”; “Principles and Techniques”; and “Commercial Practice”; this book is ideal for beginners and more advanced students alike and is wonderfully detailed. With solutions to graphic problems and real examples of student’s work, Graphic Design School can be bought for less than £10 on Amazon and is a real must-have.

The Big Book of New Design Ideas

The Big Book of New Design Ideas by David E. Carter is the ideal purchase for anyone looking for inspiration. Many people start off a project by brainstorming and often look through creative annuals to assess other creative people’s work. Carter’s book contains many wonderful pieces to help you with the research process and is meant to expand the mind of a reader and help trigger new ideas. On sale for under £20, The Big Book of New Design Ideas is any designer’s Bible.

Graphic Design Cookbook

“Mix and Match Recipes for Better, Faster Layouts” and create wonderful graphic designs for magazines, newsletters, books, posters and other media. Enjoy over a thousand line drawings and compare various design option as you browse. Just like a cookbook, this fantastic book reveals interesting and innovative ideas on almost every page. Look up new designs and see what exciting recipes for success lie between the sheets. Created by Leonard Koren and Wippo Meckler, this is an essential buy for any graphic designer.

Graphic Design (Foundation Course)

If you are just starting out in the world of graphic design, make sure you get your hands on this fantastic foundation course created by Curtis Tappenden, Luke Jefford and Stella Farris. Graphic Design encompasses everything from designing logos to drawing techniques and layout methods, but with this book you will be able to learn a host of easy-to-follow techniques. Enjoy a step-by-step guide with plenty of illustrations and learn how to choose the right tools for a job, develop concepts and execute final designs. The Graphic Design book has a really bright and innovative cover, so you certainly should see it on the shelf.

Graphic Design That Works

Well-written with plenty of imagery, this book looks at examples of logos, identities, promotions and magazine design that have proven successful track records. Learn from the best and discover how to capture the attention of consumers in a unique and innovative way. If you are trying to create a memorable, eye-catching design for a logo, magazine or promotional campaign for instance, this is definitely the right book for you!

Is there any books you would like to recommend? Please let us know in the comment.


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