Tips on Focusing Your Attention Towards Project Work

After spending enough time on the computer the daily grind can become weary. You need to find small fits of motivation which can push you into finishing projects. But what type of motivators will work? This is an age-old question for working efficiently, and ultimately your needs may be different than other people’s needs.

We can look into some tips for keeping focused on long-winded projects. It’s a tough situation when you don’t care and your thoughts are roaming freely. And as many of us feel each day, this can happen quite frequently! Yet with discipline you can train yourself into a model of thinking which fits a truly productive workday.

Keep a To-Do List

Probably the best way to get yourself motivated for the day is by keeping an active tasks list. You’ll wake up in the morning each day knowing exactly what needs to get done. Your daily routine becomes much more efficient, and you aren’t scrambling around in a disorganized fashion.

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I should mention that paper or digital lists can both be equally as effective. Some people prefer a digital to-do list stored on the computer or on their mobile phone. In this way you have direct access to everything you need to do right in your fingertips. But alternatively you can pickup a small pad of paper for jotting notes and tasks each day.

The best solution is something that you will actually use and adjust into your routine. It’s not easy to change how you operate on a daily basis. However keeping yourself organized should be priority #1 in all areas of your work.

Setting Up Time Limits

During each workday it’s good if you can imagine barriers limiting your actions between different times. For example, if you wake up and typically enjoy focusing on your own projects this may be a good sentiment for a couple hours. Keep yourself busy on your own work before moving towards other projects. But alternatively you may feel more comfortable getting important stuff done and out of the way early, then moving onto other tasks.

This system works best if you can really follow through and keep yourself in-line. Understand the desire to be working on something else, or checking e-mail or browsing YouTube. These are all distractions and easy to mitigate if you simply try. Limit a solid 2-3 hours each morning or afternoon to focus solely on a specific project.

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Don’t limit yourself to getting a set number of tasks accomplished. Just naturally work within your time constraints and when you reach the time limit it’ll be easier to keep going, if needed. Completing projects is all about the appropriate motivation and the continual push to achieve something of greatness.

Mental Preparedness

The ability to work online comes with its own set of requirements. There will be plenty of days where you just don’t want to get up and going. But keep yourself energized and in the right mentality so these moments aren’t so frequent.

Spend 10-15 minutes before sitting down to a project just thinking about your approach. What will you be working on today, and how will that benefit the overall project? This is a good first step because you’ll have the luxury of thinking over your process. It’s a nice adjustment for your mind to accept what the day will hold.

Break Projects into Simplicity

You’ll feel a whole lot more motivated to complete really simple tasks than a huge lingering project. Ultimately you have to understand the project as a whole – but why not start out by creating smaller, more manageable tasks?

Project work is always about progress and how much you can get done in a single day. But when you’re spending hours each week just looking over tasks it tends to get very repetitive. I have found that making things overly simple is the quickest way to motivate yourself. Because with this mindset you know you’ll quickly bang out a couple tasks and be one step closer to completion.

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But how should you go about delegating tasks? Well this is entirely up to your own preferences and what feels easiest. It’s good to consider the most simplest, easiest solution as you’re going through the different tasks. Building a comment form system is much too vague. But you can split bullet points into designing a user interface, coding the comments list, and testing for bugs.

If you spend too much time breaking down tasks you’ll never get anything done. It does take a bit of practice to nail down the perfect situation between planning and doing. Although with enough time and patience you’ll find a method that works best for you.

And don’t be afraid to look at a system that isn’t working and change things up! Sometimes an entire makeover from scratch is the best way to clear your mind and get that fresh sense of security.

Finding Projects that Interest You

This is a big pointer that can’t help out if you’re already stuck in boring project work, but you can always make changes in the future. Why be taking on extra projects which you aren’t even passionate about? There are hundreds of thousands of freelancers all around the world and surely one of them would be passionate about these other projects.

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Working as a freelancer you should keep a sense of pride in all the work you create. Don’t take on projects which you either can’t handle or do not have any motivation towards. Working extra for the money is very rarely enough to push yourself into completing these projects. And often times your work quality will suffer as a consequence.

But keep in mind that you can’t be too picky, either. Always keep your eyes open for new work opportunity and networking with other clients. You never know who will introduce you to the next big project work to help pay the bills. And there is always benefit in trying new things because you’ll learn along the way.

Final Thoughts

The best practice to fully motivate yourself is through hours of dedication and truly loving your work. Not everybody is fortunate enough to be working with topics they enjoy. However the Internet is such a powerful tool which allows us to work remotely from any area in the world.

The downside can mean you’ll find yourself distracted a lot more frequently. Learning how to manage these distractions is just one part of the overall process towards keeping yourself moving. Always set your sights on the goal ahead and don’t give up! If you have similar tips or suggestions feel free to share with us in the post discussion area below.