Web Design Myths, Difficulty and How to Cope with them?

Web Design is a really young  and a new profession compare to others. Before the creation of Internet there was no existence of web design as profession. As we know Internet is only 26 years old , you can only imagine there is not a lot web designers wandering around. However, it is a growing a profession that promises creativity, relaxation and doing something you enjoy. Here, we are trying to point how web design is perceived by the society, some basic obstacles web designers have to deal with and some advantages and disadvantages of being a web designers.

Web Design is Legitimate Money Making Profession


The first appeal to the people to the world is that they need to accept and respect Web Design as a profession like any other profession out there. Here is why I am discussing about it. First of all, web design is not popular profession. How many people walking by you on the street is a web designer? Chances are none or very little. How many parent wishes their son becomes a web designer when they grow up? People usually give you a “look” (web designer’s you know look I am talking about) when you say you are in web designer major in school or a web designer. It could be because their lack of knowledge or understanding. Although, Internet has become really well-known  in the world, I am afraid the people who creates sites have not got that much social recognition.

Moreover, not so many colleges offer web design courses. They try to stick you with programming class such as C++ and other but that is another discussion. People go on websites, watch movies, go on facebook, myspace and they do not think about whereabouts the design or who it did? They do not need to.  And whose fault is that ?

As a web designer you can do is spread the word about professions and explain to people what you  do and how we are the responsible ones for making their web surfing experience smooth and easy. Maybe as the time goes on people will know more about web designer’s  and be more knowledgeable. In most of the interviews of web designers they explain that they absolutely love that they do, which is vary common thing among web designers. They are very fond of what they do and enjoy doing it.  The popular belief is people can not make money or living by designing websites, which is not true. Although, not every web designers become a millionaire but they do earn money and make a living of it. There are two types of categories of job you can do, freelancing or work for a web design firm.

If you are working in a web design firm, it is more professional, you have to work in a team, meet all your deadlines. But it is more relaxing and easy-going than other jobs. I am going into more details on freelancing as web designer.

The Benefits of Freelancing as Web Designer


1. You can be your own boss. Nobody will nag or breath down on your neck for finishing projects ( But you have to responsible be yourself ).

2. You can create your own schedule for working. This absolutely the best part. Some people are night person and some people are day person. Choose best time slot that fits you.

3. You get to do something creative. Creating a brand, a logo or website that represents something.

4. You can deny a project or website if you do not like it, because if you are working in a firm you are required to do any project that you are given.

Some downsides..


Okay, nothing is perfect. There is always good and bad side to everything. Here are somethings you have to worry if you are starting as web designer.

1. It is not easy to get clients when you are starting up because there are some many talented web designers out there why should someone new instead hire you instead?

Solution:An impressive or at least decent portfolio is a must. Your portfolio should speak for yourself and show what you skills are. Read up on creating a good portfolio and look at other People’s portfolio design for inspiration and come up with your own. Think of what makes you unique, how to grab the visitors attentions. Here are some post to get you started:

2.  You created a portfolio but nobody still knows  you.

Solution: After creating a killer portfolio you are not finished. How do you let people, agencies  and companies know that you are here to design their site? Promote you site on CSS galleries, Guest blog for popular design blog, start own blog and share useful web design related tips and freebies. Create a business card. Hand it out to friends, family and everyone. This way you get more exposure. Must read articles:

3. You got some website projects, some clients but still need more financial support.

Solution: One of the thing to do after you got some experience in web design industry is creating   professional web design blog. In this blog you can share your experiences, techniques and ask your web designer friends to guest blog. And they way you can make money from this web design blog is by adding google ads, BuySellAds.com ads and many other websites where you can earn money by selling ads. If you can establish a reputable blog with good traffic the money will come.

In conclusion, the point for writing this post is to spread words about web design and sharing some information for new or old web designers. However, everything I wrote come out of personal experience or heard from someone. Everyone can have different experience and information about web designer. Please share it, so other web designers can benefit.


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