10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right

Animation has been on the rise for a while now and with 2016’s trend predictions determined it looks like it is here to stay or at least for this year. As we have made it through the first half of the year there has been a slew of sites that have incorporated animation to push their brand.

Not all sites are using animation for brand presence however. Some just want to wow you and the ones on this list certainly do. If you’re stuck deciding how to pump up your site perhaps these top ten creative animated sites will inspire you. For each animated design there is a lesson to be learned that you can hopefully apply to your next website project.


10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 1

At first glance the Resn is just another dark site that makes use out of 3D design but on second glance it is more than that. The site which boasts a giant crystalized teardrop shape uses animation the way it should be used on a site, as an interactive medium. If you click and hold on the drop you are treated to some crazy, eye-catching visuals that change every time for an enjoyable experience.

Resn does an amazing job at showing how animation can and should be used to engage the visitor and prompt them to act. The addition of the audio to amplify the experience is a smart play on appealing to computer user’s senses.


10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 2

The Audiograph site isn’t your typical site that uses animation to illustrate their product or give you a flashy welcome page. Instead the animation is actually a full page visual exploration of Pilotpriest’s 2016 Album Trans. The audio visuals are something to marvel at along with the gorgeous color changes that accompany each track.

Abstract animation may not be used heavily in web design but it is an available avenue that is definitely worth exploring if you want to add animated elements to your project.

Clickable Design

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 3

Clickable Design uses a couple of trends in their personable animation. The welcoming colors and ongoing animation is both fun and dynamic. You might have to look for a minute or two to digest everything but it is worth it along with a further exploration of their site.

Clickable’s animation shows you exactly how you can have a fully animated scene while still managing to have coherent design without the clutter.


10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 4

One thing that is for sure is that design studios are loving animation. Take Toronto-based studio 3magine for example. The animation is clean and with the use of flat design it is something straight out of a pop-up book. Their header isn’t the only part of their site that features animation either.

Like with 3magine it is okay to keep your animation simple. Using the flat design look can really yield a clean look and have your animation moving smoothly.

Takumi Hasegawa

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 5

Using animation isn’t just for companies looking to entice and excite. Web developers, graphic designers, and other creative types can benefit from animation just like Hasegawa does with his portfolio site. Right away you’re greeted with a dancing cube but the animation doesn’t stop there. Hasegawa makes sure that every click and movement is treated with some type of animation to keep your visit interesting.

There are many takeaways that you can get from Hasegawa’s site but one of the most important is how he utilizes constant animated movement without it being distracting. The use of bright colors is also a plus that should be readily used in your animated practices.


10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 6

Formidable does their own version of keeping it simple when it comes to adding animation to their site. What’s different about their animation is that instead of typical bright, poppy colors they keep their color choice very subdued and it absolutely works as you take visual trip through space.

Bright colors aren’t always the best for your project as we can see with Formidable. Sometimes keeping your colors in a muted color palette and having a soft flowing animation is better choice for your website.

Make Me Wow

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 7

Make Me Wow Studio’s animation is really something to “wow” about when you understand what their animation is really about. The animated pulsating heart you see is actually the real heartbeat of their art director which in turns dictates the site’s color and of course heart animation.

Make Me Wow Studio serves as a fine example of how to animate with meaning. A good rule of thumb is if you’re going to animate make sure that your animation serves a purpose.

Ashley House

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 8

There aren’t a lot of sites out there that have a fully animated header like Ashley House has, let alone one that is narrated to give the company’s history and mission. It is something straight out of a children’s television show and a joy to watch.

Sort of like Clickable the designers behind the Ashley House animation know how to create full scenes of animation in order to tell a story. Embracing color and combining an audio track to narrate your mission is a great way to introduce animation to your site and your visitors.

Retro Minder

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 9

Full screen videos are common so it is no surprise that we will see designers employing full screen animations like the one on Retro Minder. It is a throwback to the old arcade games of the 80’s plus the animation is flawless and interactive. Definitely a site to check out and experience.

With bright retro inspired colors becoming popular this year it is nice to see Retro Minder combine that with their animation. Combining multiple trends with your animated elements is a great way to spice your design up.

Cookie Studio

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right 10

The bright colors of Cookie Studio is just really eye-catching that they didn’t even need to add animation but it is a great addition to their site. There is a different intro animation every time you go to the site and you can tell a lot of work was put into making it.

Variating your animation in either small or large portions like Cookie Studio does is a great way to keep your design looking fresh and giving a unique experience.


As far as creative and fresh animated websites go, this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. While animation is steadily making waves in the design community it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see it around next year. What do you think of animation in web design? Do you have any favorites? If you do please feel free to share them with us.