Websites Featuring Hand-Drawn or Calligraphic Typography

We all know the importance of typography in just about all media. The style of typography used can say a lot about the market or target audience of the business or organisation. It is paramount in good web design to get the typography right, or at the very least, suitable.

Intro to JavaScript Framework uilang

uilang is a JavaScript framework created by Benjamin De Cock in order to help designers prototype quickly. uilang has a simple, natural language like syntax that is significantly easier to get the hang of for a designer with no coding experience than JavaScript or jQuery. The framework is effective and easy to use.

5 User Study Methods and When to Use Them

We all know that rich user data is a holy grail for a successful product design, but how to find and use this holy grail is what very few UX designers struggle with.

A Practical Guide to Flexbox

CSS layout mode is an algorithm that helps position and size elements based on their sibling and parent elements. There are actually six different layout modes.

A Collection of Useful Sites for Designers

There are a lot of sites for inspiration, resources and tools that designers would find very useful, so today we have rounded up some of the very best, and hopefully there will be some that you haven’t yet come across that you can bookmark for future reference.


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