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Good Copy Yields to Better Accessibility for Everybody

I want to start this article by talking about the general idea of accessibility. If you’ve never heard of this concept then it’s a good idea to identify this as the practice of making the web accessible for people with disabilities.

10 Creative Websites That Do Animation Right

Animation has been on the rise for a while now and with 2016’s trend predictions determined it looks like it is here to stay or at least for this year. As we have made it through the first half of the year there has been a slew of sites that have incorporated animation to push their brand.

5 User Study Methods and When to Use Them

We all know that rich user data is a holy grail for a successful product design, but how to find and use this holy grail is what very few UX designers struggle with.

5 Web Design Trends that Compliment Each Other

There are always things that compliment one another. Whether it is pairing foods, experiences or even personal relationships; some things just work better when something else is there to support it.

A Simple Guide on How SVGs Work

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphic, is an image file format that is growing in popularity. They are actually a simple text file that holds coordinates which map out shapes and, therefore, make an image.

Understanding the UX Research Methods

Although the user experience field is relatively new and is still developing, UX-ers already have plenty of methods and techniques in their toolbox. So let’s now go through the extensive list of UX research methods, have a brief overview of each method and understand the type of questions they answer.