30 Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts

Fonts are the life-blood of a designer’s toolkit, and the bigger the font library, the easier it is for a designer to get projects completed in a shorter space of time. Designers can never have too many fonts, and sans serif fonts are particularly in vogue at the moment.

Main Principles of Lean UX for Startups

The Lean Startup philosophy has been around for quite a while now and has been adopted by many tech companies together with agile methodology as a new, more productive way of running business. And it has proved to be really successful in shifting the focus from lengthy design documentations to actual working products. But how does it apply to user experience in particular and can it really improve the quality of UX/Usability outcomes?

19 Mobile Apps That Are Exceptionally Well Designed

Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly more popular topic recently. I’ve gathered a good amount of beautiful apps for you to get inspired by. All these apps are a fantastic source of inspiration whether you’re looking for simplicity, color or navigational help. There are plenty of various apps I’m sure you will get inspired by. Who, knows maybe you’ll end up downloading them and using them yourself!

Beautiful and Highly Usable Progress Bar PSD Downloads

The impatience of online viewers has created the need for loading or progress bars. But a simple gray progress bar has pushed the patience of viewers and they are now not happy to wait for them… well, there’s nothing really to look at! So graphic artists and designers have been forced to create prettier and more interesting versions of this UI element, and they certainly haven’t disappointed us.

The Beauty of Minimal Portfolio Design

It wasn’t that many years ago when creating a design was a matter of cramming as much as possible onto each page, particularly the landing page – with the view that site owners want their visitors to get an eyeful of what they have to offer right off the bat.

Emotional Design and Animations

Emotions allow for people to comprehend the world better; it’s how we learn new things. Items that are more aesthetically pleasing are seen in a more positive light; the item appears to be faster, more effective, more fun, all in all better.

The UX Challenges of Smart Watches

Why would you buy a smart watch? This is a question that still remains unanswered for me although dozens of brands keep promising that it’s something truly innovative and “smart”. Well, I don’t see it that way, but today it’s not my buying preferences that I would like to discuss.