30 Amazing Examples of Outdoor Advertising

As all types of media advertising becomes more and more creative, we are lucky enough to be living in times when advertisements can amaze us with their detail and creativity. Outdoor or ambient advertising is included in this, and agencies now go the extra mile to make us do a double-take when we see some of their creations.

Some of the featured advertisements are examples of outstanding realistic art, others have been built and must have taken a lot of time, and some are simply pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Outdoor Advertising

Topfit Fitness Club: Pull-Up

Topfit Fitness Club

IOV National Day Against Tobacco: Cigarettes

IOV National Day Against Tobacco

MegaStar Cineplex: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Megastar Cineplex

Denver Water: Hose

Denver Water

Panasonic Nose Trimmer: Baldy

Panasonic Nose Trimmer

Lay’s: Potatoes Installation


Berger: Sky


Bic Razor: Billboard

Bic Razor

Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision

Colorado State Patrol

Formula Toothcare: Bite

Formula Toothcare

TV3: Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

TV3: Law & Order

Liquor Billboard

Liquor Billboard

Unitech: Boxes


Dumolcalcin: Giant Bones


Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus

Copenhagen Zoo

Perth Zoo: Tiger Bus

Perth Zoo

Joevanza: Mobility for Everyone


Specsavers: Bus Back Crash


Webjet The World: Supersized 3D Luggage

Webjet the World

Absolut: Bloody Bus Stop


Caribou Coffee: Ovens out of Transit Shelters

Caribou Coffee

Hot Wheels: Big Boy

Hotwheels: Big Boy

Hotwheels: Curl

Hotwheels: Curl

Pothole Season: Stunt

Pothole Season

3M Post-it: Don’t Forget Your Friends

3M Post-It

DHL: For all your heavyweight shipments


Sanctuary Cove Realty: Pristine Waters

Sanctuary Cove Reality

Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre: Break

Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre

Calgary Horror Convention: Storm Drain

Calgary Horror Convention

Alliance Theatre: Pick

Alliance Theatre


Hopefully you have been amazed by some of these outdoor advertisements. Have you ever seen any of these (or anything like them) in your city or anywhere you have traveled to? Have you come across any you think should have made it into this list? Please share your experiences and links with us.

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